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Hard to find songs

"John Tyrone" - by Heartbreak Hill

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John Tyrone by Heartbreak Bill

(While in Ontario, Canada, January to February 2000: After hearing on radio, only refinding after 6 weeks of searching, with final indignity of admitting defeat and E-mailing the local Queens University, Canada, radio station. Summary: (Even when searching on correct title of song, and after the event searching on the band) Web search engines and web databases are pish. Even ones concentrating on Canadian Folk and General Music. Heartbreak Hill is a band supposedly from Ontario(?!))

Thanks to Roger Eccleston ( who DJ's the "Sweet Folk Also" on Thursday nights (10pm to midnight Canadian time - 3am to 5am Friday morning UK time) on CFRC, Queens University for playing this song.

However, if you know the correct search engine to use, you in theory can also find this type of information on the web:

Song List from Heartbreak Hill album titled "Heartbreak Hill".

  1. Packed My Bags
  2. High On A Mountain
  3. Bluegrass Stomp
  4. John Tyrone
  5. Fall On My Knees
  6. Weary, Weary Lonesome Blues
  7. Things We Must Choose (Ode To Maggie Bell)
  8. On This Run (From The Blues)
  9. Daybreak In Drive
  10. I Scare You
  11. Cedar Hill
  12. Lonesome Train

Comments from Ian Gray

Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 20:51:27 -0400
From: ian_gray ca inter net
Subject: Heartbreak Hill

Hi Lachlan,

I stumbled onto your page and saw "John Tyrone" as well as a squib about
Heatbreak Hill. They were from Toronto and the principles included Jenny
and Dan Whiteley, daughter and son of Chris Whiteley. Chris and his
brother Ken are the most prominent of Canada's recording artists in
blues, folk, children, gospel and jazz. Chris is one of Toronto's first
call harp, trumpet, pedal and slide guitar players; Ken plays everything
and produces many, many albums each year from his own studio.

Dan and Jenny grew up singing in the family business and appear on
albums Ken and Chris produced for such entertainers as Raffi. Chris is
married to Caitlin Hanford, one forth of Canada's women's super country
group, Quartet. At its inception, Quartet consisted of Caitlin, the late
Colleen Peterson, Sylvia Tyson (of Ian and Sylvia) and Cindy Church.
They continue on with Gwen Swick replacing Colleen. There is also a spin
off group called Marigolds.

Heartbreak Hill was just that: an affair within the band broke them up.
As Chris Quinn, the bluegrass style banjoist says, "We'll never get
together again." He and Chris Coole still hold together forth from time
to time as members of the Foggy Hogtown Boys. Jenny has gone on to win
Juno awards with her wonderful compositions and has moved to Vancouver.
Dan continues to gig around the country and Chris Coole does amazing
old-time music with Erryn Marshall.

My spelling might be a bit lacking, but I know many of these folks and
love their music. Hence my sending this message.

Hope this has been of interest!


John Tyrone Lyrics

John Tyrone

"John Tyrone lived alone, John Tyrone
Live in the hills 'neath the shady mountain
at the end of the road
People say he was sent away, John Tyrone
For killing a man who wouldn't pay
his debt to John Tyrone, to John Tyrone

John Tyrone sat alone, John Tyrone
With a scrap book full of memories
all dead and gone
Newspaper date 1914, John Tyrone
Town votes yes to ostracize
old John Tyrone, oh John Tyrone

Well I swear by god and the light of day
That the ghosts of my past are slipping away
And I wake up with bloody hands
But every body wanted to kill that man

Well Katie Jones fell in love with John Tyrone
In the sweet summer nights
before the war had hit home
John he loved Katie too and their love shone
My girl my girl I'll marry you
when I get home, when I get home

Well one year passed and another
and the war raged on
Letters home and a telegraph
and then came John
But she could see that the war had changed
her John Tyrone
His eyes were glass
and far away and his kisses cold, his kisses cold

When the moon rose high and the wind picked up
I was carried away to the back of that truck
And how he died don't matter now
I've been alone four years and I know how
Alone four years and I know how

Some folks are born with hearts of gold
and some of lead
But the one they gave old Ian
Thomas it must have been dead
Cause Ian was mean and Ian was cruel,
and Ian stole And the last mistake that he ever made
was crossing John Tyrone, oh John Tyrone

Well Katie begged John not to go "John don't go"
But he and the boys drove Ian Thomas down the road
Came to a spot near the woods no one was around
And John Tyrone pulled a knife and he cut him down,
he cut old Ian down

Well I swear by god and the light of day
That the ghosts of my past are slipping away
And I wake up with bloody hands
But every body wanted to kill that man
Every body wanted to kill that man"

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