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Affordable hostel, camping (airport) and hotel Accommodation in Waikiki, Honolulu (on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, USA)

As of June 2005: shared "hostel style" accommodation in Waikiki is available starting at $12 per night (cheaper is available for some types of memberships); and single hostel rooms start at $38 per night (though some seem to be available for less). All quoted prices are in US$

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Some initial notes and best websites

  • A Word About Hawaii's Accommodation Rates


    • Accommodation rates are not carved in lava. Inquire about the many discounts available e.g., AAA, Airline, Corporate, Credit Card, Entertainment Club, Kamaaina (local resident), Association Memberships, Military, Travel Agency. If eligible for any of the above or other special discounts, you'll quite often get a better price than the rates quoted in this guide.

    • Accommodation rates do not include taxes. Many properties also charge an extra cleaning fee
  • Note on "GETTING FROM THE AIRPORT TO TOWN : " (within HATESL Information for New Students in the Department of SLS)


    • Getting from the airport to town may be fairly expensive. Unless you plan to rent a car, your best option is to hire a taxi, which will cost $20-$25 to get to the university area. Taxis are readily available at the airport. Look for guys in orange shirts that say "TAXI" on the back. They are the dispatchers. Be aware that limo taxis cost the same as sedan taxis. It's just luck of the draw what kind of car you get. Also, all airport taxis must meet minimum specs, which means that they all must have workable air-conditioning. Taxi drivers are notoriously stingy about using their a/c, so before you even get into the car, politely ask your driver if they have a/c, and then remind them again once you get in the car if they don't immediately turn it on. If they give you a hard time, write down their control number, which is visibly displayed on their city permit posted on their dash, and tell them that you will report them to taxi control. They'll think you're local, and they should change their attitude. If they don't, contact taxi control when you get the first opportunity at 532-7700.

      Be aware that suitcases and large bags are not allowed on city buses, so taking a bus into town from the airport isn't an option unless you're traveling really light. You will not be permitted to board a bus with luggage or bags, so don't even try innocently. Once you're settled into your new surroundings, your best bet is to take the bus around town.

Feedback received about scientists using Hostels for cheap accommodation

To: "'L. Cranswick'"
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 10:33:58 -0400

Well this is all good. However, you're probably right that they would be
noisy. Most such places I have stayed in have been noisy. One I stayed
in in Vancouver got condemned by the city fire dept the one night I was
due to sleep there and we were all kicked out at 11pm. Probably for good
reason as it was jam packed with bunk beds and no fire alarm nor fire
escapes. Apparently there were so many people claiming welfare from the
one address that the city sent the police to look at it and that was its
downfall. But it was a good place with free shuttles btw airport and
also ferry terminals.

I have a feeling that if you wanted to sleep and also wanted to bring a
laptop etc, they would not be the place to stay. 

I once saw a job at the University of Hawaii for a "part-time postdoc"
in one of the science departments. I assume that other part of your day
is free for the beach. At least this is more honest that UNSW where am
told many full time research students spend more time on the beach than
in the lab.

Waikiki/Honolulu/Oahu Hostel Accommodation including YMCA/YWCA, Backpacker Bostels and Youth Hostels: shared room and private room (with and without facilities)

Note: "Be aware that cheaper hostel-type accommodations in Waikiki are back-packer havens, famous for their party atmospheres, lack of privacy, and noise."

  • Best Website: Alternative Hawaii - Where to stay in Hawaii at substantial savings without sacrificing quality. (fabulous cheap accommodation links and advice)

Examples of hostels and other accommodation in or near Waikiki/Honolulu/Oahu

  • Banana Bungalow Waikiki Beach : "Cheap, funky hostel"


    • No longer open: try the Waikiki Beachside Hostel -

    • Note received: the Banana Bungalow in Waikiki is closed and has been for a few years. The good news is that while they are closed, there is also a new hostel that has worked with Banana Bungalow to fulfill all of their future reservations at the time they closed, and has hired on several former Banana Bungalow employees.

    • Old Banana Bungalow Waikiki Beach review: Neighborhood: Waikiki

    • This funky hotel/hostel is located just a block away from famed Waikiki Beach. It can accomodate more than 300 guests in dorm-style hostel rooms and private rooms with bath. Unlike typical youth hostels, linens are provided free and beds are made daily. All rooms have cable TV and lanai (balcony); many have ocean views.

      Other facilities include laundry maachines, a common room, common kitchen and games area. Sometimes parties are held in the outside garden/patio. The place attracts a mostly young, backpacker-type crowd.

      Services & Facilities

      Laundry Service, Television, Safe Deposit, Air Conditioning, Car-hire Facilities, Non-smoking Rooms.

      Special Feature

      Breakfast is included, and the hotel will even provide free airport pickup. This friendly hostel also organizes regular activities like barbecues, pub crawls, volleyball games and other fun things for its guests to do.

  • Hawaii Hostels : Polynesian Hostel Beach Club :- Oahu - in the heart of Waikiki


    • As of June 2005: Dorm : Single Beds: $18 + tax ($20) ;
      Semi-Private Rooms w/ shared bathroom:
      Single: $36 + tax ($40)
      Double: $41.50 + tax ($46)

      Studios: 1 or 2 people: $57.50 + tax ($64)
      3 people: $74

Waikiki/Honolulu/Oahu Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Waikiki/Honolulu/Oahu Hotel Accommodation

Honolulu/Oahu Camping

Free Overnight sleeping in Honolulu (island of Oahu, Hawaii, USA)

  • The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports - Honolulu airport


    • Lachlan's Note: For Sleeping in Airports: Honolulu airport rated as "Tolerable" to "Hell" : (bring your own bedding)

    • "February 2005 - I arrived around 9pm with morning flight at 5:15am. Unfortunately the airport now closes after 11pm, so I was shut out of all buildings. Fourtunatly, nighttime temperatures in Hawaii are pleasant. The courtyard gardens which were mentioned by other posters are -inside- security, which you'll have to exit to pick up your baggage. If you have a boarding pass for an ongoing flight you /may/ be able to sleep in one of these dark & quiet places on a wood bench. I arrived after the ticket counter of my ongoing flight's airline had closed, so I was unable to try that. The friendly security guard I spoke with told me that I was welcome to sleep outside the airport, near the curb. I found a springy wood bench 50' from the road between the off-island and Aloha/Hawaiian terminals. The area was well enough lit to feel safe but not too bright to sleep. The many security guards never bugged me but stared a lot. After the first 3000 repetitions, I slept about 2 hours through the announcements." Added 16 March 2005

    • Sleeping in Airports Airport Ratings system :

  • Caveates: Student Travel - Sleeping in Airports


    • "While the author of the site, "Sleeping in Airports", actually encourages the reader to plan on sleeping in airports as a part of a travel itinerary, don't do it. Airports frown upon being used as free hotels. Resort to it if the only other option is sleeping in the street.

      However, circumstances do sometimes arise that will force you to sleep in an airport. Read tips such as finding comfy spots and keeping your belongings safe, as well as some funny stories."

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