Lachlan passed away in January 2010.  As a memorial, this site remains as he left it.
Therefore the information on this site may not be current or accurate and should not be relied upon.
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Welcome to Lachlan Cranswick's Personal Homepage in Melbourne, Australia

Hotels, Motels, Temporary and Short Term Accomodation around Deep River

Getting to and things to do in the Deep River, Upper Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada area

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General advice received from those who claim to know

  • Internet and Deep River Hotels: Currently (January 2006), the Bear's Den has Broadband Internet Access via cable connections. Deep River Motel has fast wireless Internet. It was mentioned the Deep River Motel wireless as faster than the Bear's Den broadband. The Shemron Suites supposedly has some wireless connectivity (needs clarification).

  • Most hotels and motels have weekly and monthly rates. If staying for a decent amount of time, check these out.

  • Based on what visiting students have done, if staying for a season or so, it can be cheaper to rent an unfurnished house or apartment, then buy a bed, table and some chairs.

  • In Spring and Summer there are quite a few yard sales for those who want to purchase second hand furniture and goods locally.

  • Advice from visitors: before booking a room at a Deep River hotel, first check if any hockey teams have also booked in. And if so, check alternative accommodation for places that do not have hockey teams visiting.

  • Advice from visitors: It is not possible for guests at the Bear's Den to change their room thermostat. But it is possible to change room temperature at the Deep River Motel.

  • Refer: Accommodation in the Ottawa Valley -

Deep River Accommodation (and those beyond Deep River up to Deux Rivieres)

Swisha / Rapides-des-Joachims, Quebec

  • Pointe aux Pins Lodge:

  • Telephone: (613)586-9353
    Fax: (613)586-9365
    P.O. Box 14, Rapides-des-Joachims (Quebec) J0X 3M0

Stonecliffe, Ontario (~38km from Deep River, ~48km from Chalk River)

Deux Rivieres, Ontario (70km from Deep River, 80km from Chalk River)

Petawawa Accommodation

Pembroke Accommodation


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