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Restaurants, Eateries, Cafes, Bars, etc around Deep River

Getting to and things to do in the Deep River, Upper Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada area

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Suggestions Visitors to the Ottawa Valley Have Made

Most Vegetarian Friendly Restaurant found so far by visitors

New Asian Cuisine
218 Pembroke Street West,
Pembroke, Ontario
Canada, K8A 5N2
Tel: (613) 732-2853

Chichester, Sheenboro and Chapeau, Pontiac County, Quebec

Fort William Hotel / Pontiac Hotel, Sheenboro, Pontiac County, Quebec

North Fork / Northfork Country Kitchen (Chichester, Chapeau, Quebec, Canada)

Tel: (819) 689-2588
252 Ancien Cheminde Nichabau (Old Nichabau Road),
Chichester, Pontiac County, Quebec, J0X 1M0, Canada

Northfork Country Kitchen GPS coordinates: N45.95102 W77.09181

Comment from Donna Fleming (Tue, 28 Nov 2006):

"I wondered if you would be able to change the times for dinner (people have come for an early dinner at 4 pm) lunches. This time of the year [Winter] they are pretty flexible (being Open most days) unlike the summer months when they have to take time for gardening.

Don't know if you have been there lately but they have since built a 2nd Guest house which is quite lovely and accomodates 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and shower."

(June 2006: Open for evening meals from 4 to 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday; and every second Sunday. Reservations and selection of meals in advance required. Meals are all inclusive in a single price : salad, main course, desert, tea/coffee. No alcohol is served and it is bring your own booze (BYO))

Excellent freshly made meals - trout is highly recommended.

A summer suggestion is to get to Northfork around 5pm to 6pm to have dinner, then drive the scenic route via Nichabau/Nicabaeu/Nicabau/Nichabong/Nicabong, then the rift valley, to Fort William Pontiac hotel to get a drink on the hotel veranda while watching the sunset over the Ottawa River.

Laurentian Hills

Deep River




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