Lachlan passed away in January 2010.  As a memorial, this site remains as he left it.
Therefore the information on this site may not be current or accurate and should not be relied upon.
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Welcome to Lachlan Cranswick's Personal Homepage in Melbourne, Australia

Various things - including buying and renting canoes, mobile phones/cell phones and high speed internet in the Ottawa Valley and some bedding/Furniture/futon stores/rentals

Getting to and things to do in the Deep River, Upper Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada area

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Buying and renting Canoes in Deep River

  • Buying - Deep River Trailer Sales
    • Clarence and Lena Lyons, Highway 17 Box 11 Deep River, Ontario, Canada, K0J 1P0 (1 mile west on Hwy 17)
    • Tel: (613) 584-2627
    • Fax: (613) 584-4545
    • Deep River Trailer Sales does not have an electronic payment system. Cash or cheques.

  • Buying and renting : Valley Ventures
    • Mr. Don Smith, RR 1 Box 1115 Deep River, Ontario, Canada, K0J 1P0 (~0.5 mile west on Hwy 17)
    • Tel: (613) 584-2577
    • Fax: (613) 584-9016

Renting Canoes outside Deep River

Buying Lawn Ornaments / Concrete Statues near Deep River

  • Alfonso da Rosora
    • 90 Jackson Lane, off Highway 17, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada (~115km south (on the right going to Ottawa) from the Chalk River traffic lights)fs
    • Tel: (613) 623-2661
    • "Ebe" - 5 ft high (Cdn $260)

    • 1099 Carp Road, Stittsville, Ontario
    • Tel: (613) 836-7322

Mobile Phones / Cell Phones

(Digital cell phones (not analogue) are considered to have the best privacy and Rogers AT&T the best coverage of the Ottawa Valley (June 2003))

High Speed Internet in the Ottawa Valley

(As of writing, high speed internet is available in Deep River but not Chalk River - June 2003. High speed internet uses your phone line - and while the internet is in use - you can still make use of your phone at the same time)

Rentals in the Deep River Area

(Need to get information in here)

Local places that sell or rent beds/furniture (new and used) and futon beds

Hint: What is called a single bed in England or Australia, is a "Twin" bed in Canada. Thus if you do not find "single sheets" in a shop, look instead for "twin sheets".

Futon beds

2nd Hand furniture and Used Furniture

Retail Furniture Sellers

  • 2nd Generation Furniture and Appliances

  • Sleepy George's Mattress Factory Outlet

Furniture Rentals

  • North American TV and Appliance Rental (Furniture Renting)

Domestic and Cleaning services

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