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All Country Music is Garbage - "Prison Dance" by Lorne Elliott

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The Myth:

All Country Music is Garbage


The statement that "All Country Music is Garbage" is an oft made comment. While the evidence is most voluminous (with people often complaining that all country music has a bland sameness of the same tune, the same plots, the same lyrics and same "idiocy of rural life"), the evidence is also quite empirical.

Breaking the Myth

Tricky. But the following person (un-named) claims the following song shows that "all" country songs are not garbage.

The Evidence

(Also refer to "Big Joe Mufferaw" by Stompin' Tom Connors)

"Prison Dance" by Lorne Elliott

"Written by Urban Carmichael and his sister Margie.  I have it on The
Collected Mistakes II and it's the only song on the disk not written by
Lorne Elliott.  Productions Turtle Pond Theatre; 55 Turtle Pond Lane;
Hudson, Quebec J0P 1H0  FAX (514) 458-5279.

I got a letter late last night
From the woman in Cell-D
Tomorrow night's the prison dance
She wants to go with me
I'd really like to make it
I know It'd be all right
But I can't take you to the prison dance
'Cause they're hangin' me tonight

What will you be wearin'
The red stripes or the blue
I hope you wear the blue ones
Matches your tattoo
Dance a waltz for me dear
C'underneath the prison light
I'll be swingin' but not with you dear
'Cause they're hangin' me tonight."

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