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Crystallography Newsgroup Homepage


STX Homepage is located at http://lachlan.bluehaze.com.au/stxnews/stx/


The main reason the creation of the sci.techniques.xtallography newsgroup was and is to provide an open, easily accessible, electronic conferencing system or bulletin board for the international crystallographic and scientific community on the internet. The newsgroups (in theory) allow queries and discussion to take place in days to weeks, that would take months to years (or not at all) on conventional paper journals. Opportunities for informal discussion and exchange of information and opinions that might only occur at international conferences can routinely take place on the internet newsgroups.

The information on the procedures and voting information that created the newsgroup is also available.

Newsgroup Charter

Following is part of the original charter for this newsgroup written up during the newsgroup creation process. The main emphasis being that this newsgroup is a discussion area for anything relevant to the scientific discipline of crystallography.

Participants are welcome and encouraged to browse, read, follow-on, post, and use this newsgroup as an information server, discussion area and electronic conferencing system to its maximum advantage. Being an unmoderated newsgroup, no one owns or runs this newsgroup so. Thus participants should feel uninhibited to freely use this crystallographic discussion forum.

It should be noted that concerns have been raised about participants avoiding the peer-review process by publishing structures on this discussion area that might be incorporated into crystallographic databases. As around two out of five submitted structures have problems or errors, it is thus recommended that this newsgroup not be used to publish raw results and data that would normally go via the peer-review process.

Topics for Discussion

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