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STX Homepage is located at http://lachlan.bluehaze.com.au/stxnews/stx/

Maximize Readership of Articles by Cross Posting

You might find that some discussion topics or problems you are interested in go beyond the scope of just crystallography, and may also include other topics such as spectroscopy, microscopy, materials, chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, etc.

In this case, consider crossposting your article to other relevant newsgroups using your newsreader so that it has the best chance of reaching the widest interested audience. (You have to be a bit careful here not to excessively cross post as this can upset people.)

The other advantage of cross-posting is that any reply in one newsgroup is posted to all the other newsgroups to help continue the discussion. This method can be used effectively to have a convenient multidisciplinary scientific discussion. Readers are welcome to correct the idea that the chance to have a multidisciplinary discussion is pretty rare, even at international conferences, let alone in the lab. However, (in theory) the newsgroups are able to do this on a routine basis.

Some Newsgroups for Possible Cross Posting

Usenet Newsgroups

Bionet Newsgroups

Free (but dated) MS Windows Winsock Scientist Friendly Internet Software

This kit is (was?) aimed for new users and scientific users of the internet who may not have the time to explore for basic, user-friendly internet utilities. This kit includes obsolescent (but relatively simple and bug free) versions of, 16 Bit Mosaic WWW (Netscape is presently the most popular Web browser), Wintrumpet Winsock(TCP), Wintrumpet Newsreader, WS_FTP, WinQVT (very good telnet), HGOPHER.

To obtain the software, anonymous ftp to ftp.minerals.csiro.au/pub/pc/internet to obtain the "self extracting exe" files and the installation instructions.

Equivalent Apple Mac software is also available in the ftp.minerals.csiro.au/pub/mac directory.

Tentative Guidelines for posting out CV's and Resumes

(Still under construction)

These types of posts can annoy people and have in the past. Thus a general suggestion is to make it clear the message is a resume or CV and to only post this out very occasionally.

Tentative Guidelines for Commercial Announcements

(Still under construction)

These types of posts can either be very informative or annoy people depending on how they are posted out. Commercial messages seem to be considered more acceptable if it is made clear in the title that the message is a commercial announcement and if the announcement is not too long winded.

FAQ's (frequently asked question files) | top

One thing users might like to keep in mind is the idea of FAQs (frequently asked question files). After discussion on a particular topic, interested people might like to create an FAQ so that any conclusions or interesting information are stored and are posted regularly to limit the same discussion occurring every 6 months or so.

Examples of a crystallography FAQ might be :-

Some of above topics have already been already discussed to some extent in newsgroups such as sci.chem and sci.materials and thus might be appropriate to create FAQs relatively soon.

There are already some Discussions on Crystallography based on postings to the newsgroup.

Web Archive - Reviewing Past Messages | top

Coming Soon

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