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Obituary of Canon Rupert Cranswick of Rhodesia (1898 to 1977) - article from the Diocesan College Magazine

and history of 6 Cranswick brothers (Wilfred Franceys, Cecil Franceys, Gerald, Arthur Noel, Harold Franceys, Rupert Loraine)

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The Diocesan College Magazine

End of an era - Canon Rupert Cranswick of Rhodesia

End of an Era. Elsewhere we report the sad news of the death of Canon Rupert Cranswick (1908-12) in Seluke Hospital, Rhodesia, on Easter Day this year. Until his death Rupert was the last surviving member of a family of six brothers who were at Bishops. In order of age they were Wilfred Franceys (1893-98) who was the Librarian of the High Court in Melbourne, Australia, and who died in Australia in 1954; Cecil Franceys (1900-05) known as "Flea" who was in the Rhodesian Service and who died in 1965; Gerald (1900-05) who was a Barclays Bank Manager and who died in 1962; Arthur Noel (1900-07) who was Bulawayo Manager of African Explosives and Chemical Industries and who died in 1973; Harold Franceys (1903-10) who like Rupert was an Anglican Canon and who died in 1963; Rupert Loraine (1908-12) was the youngest and his obituary appears on page 51. We append a photograph of the six brothers taken in England during the First World War. Seated (left to right) Noel and Gerald and standing (left to right) are Harold (in civvies after having lost a leg), Wilfred, Cecil (Flea) and Rupert.

Cranswick WWI Photo

Noel's son Cecil Arthur (1936-41) is Managing Directory of Edward L. Bateman (Rhodesia) Ltd, the Rhodesian subsidiary of the well-known South African engineering firm. Cecil who took up his present appointment three and a half years ago found it strange coming back to his home town after twenty-four years. Cecil's namesake uncle, Cecil Franceys (1900-05) was the 1905 Bishops Rhodes Scholar, and Rupert was a Rhodesian Rhodes Scholar.

Obituary of Canon Rupert Cranswick of Rhodesia (1898 to 1977)

Cranswick. Canon Rupert Loraine Cranswick who was one of Rhodesia's best known and best loved priests, died at Selukwe in Rhodesia on Easter Day, after a long illness at the age of 79. Rupert was born in Kimberley, was at Bishops from 1908 to 1912 and until his death was the last surviving member of a family of six brother who were at Bishops. In 1913 his family moved to Bulawayo and Rupert finished his schooling at Milton. In 1917 he was awarded a Rhodesian Rhodes Scholarship and read history at Oxford and later studied Theology at Kidderminster. He was ordained at Worcester and returned to Rhodesia in 1926 as curate at St Johns in Bulawayo. Four years later he went to Plumtree where for eight years he was preist-in-charge of Plumtree and Francistown and chaplain to Plumtree school where he was also rugby coach and referee. While at Plumtree he married Kathleen Hazelhurst, the music mistress who had gained her L.R.A.M. in England and who is alleged to have been one of the finest contraltos in Rhodesia. After leaving Plumtree Rupert spent ten years in various parts of the Cape and Transvaal before returning to Rhodesia as priest at Umtali, and later at Avondale in Salisbury where he remained for the next eleven years. It was here he was kept very busy and is reported in one year to have had a record of 116 marriages and in another year 200 christenings. He retired in 1973 when he celebrated his golden jubilee as a priest having been ordained on Trinity Sunday in 1923 at Hartlebury Parish in Worcester, England. Rupert was a life member of the OD Union since January 1929. An OD writing or Rupert said "Two things always shone through his every word and deed: his essential goodness and his never failing sense of humour". Rupert's wife Kathleen predeceased him in 1967. Rupert is survived by his daughter Mrs Loraine Cripwell who lives in England and his son Philip who lives in Rhodesia and to them and their families we send our deepest sympathy.

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