Lachlan passed away in January 2010.  As a memorial, this site remains as he left it.
Therefore the information on this site may not be current or accurate and should not be relied upon.
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Welcome to Lachlan Cranswick's Personal Homepage in Melbourne, Australia

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[Ordering Pizzas while at Daresbury Lab]
[Junk Food Machines of Darebsury Laboratory]
[Pubs and Restaurants around Daresbury Laboratory]
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[Abeno Okonomi-yaki Japanese Restaurant (Museum St, London)] | [Andrea's Restaurant (Charlotte Street, London)] | [Ask (London)]
[Bamboo Malaya (Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Bamboo Terrace (Bulleen, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Bangkok Thai Restaurant (Albany, New York, USA)] | [Bay Tower (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)] | [Bella Pasta (South Kensington, London)]
[Blue Lagoon (London)] | [Bottom of the Harbour (Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Cafe Boheme (Red Hill Lookout, ACT, Australia)]
[Cafe Noir (Armadale, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Cat and Lion (Stretton)]
[China Bar (Ludwigshafen, Rhine Valley, Germany)] | [China Imbiss Sing Kong (Box Hill, Melbourne, Australia)]
[China Sea (Glasgow, Scotland)] | [Choy Hing Village (Grappenhall, Warrington)]
[Coffea (Soho, London)] | [Daedalus (Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)] | [Dao Vien (Springvale, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Dog's Bar (St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Dome (Kensington, London)] [Don Pino Italian Restaurant (Stockton Heath, Cheshire, UK)]
[Dragon Boat Restaurant (Wantirna South, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Drury Lane Diner (Drury Lane, London)] | [Dynasty (New York City, USA)] | [East Empress (Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia)]
[ENZO (Mt Waverley, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Equinox Grill (Natick, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)] | [Fitzroy Tavern (Bloomsbury, London, UK)] | [Feeling Fruity (Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Geals (Notting Hill Gate, London)]
[The Gourmet Pizza (Oxford)]
[The Good Earth (South Kensington, London)] | [Gourmet Garden (Hendon Central, London)] | [Han Palace (Vermont South, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Hatton Arms (Hatton)] | [Henninger Gutsshanke (Rhine Valley, Germany)] | [Hills Chinese Restaurant (Box Hill, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Hing Lung (San Franciso, California, USA)] | [Hue Hue (Springvale, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Il Mondo Spaghetti Bar (Clayton, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Jimmy Watson's Wine Bar (Carlton, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Jacobs Cafe (Gloucester Road, London, UK)] | [Kanda (Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Kellys Chinese Restaurant (Stockton Heath)]
[Kew Chinese Restaurant (Kew/London)] | [Kwan Thai Restaurant (London Bridge City, London)] | [Korea Garden (Ottawa, Canada)]
[La Panse (Grenoble, France)] | [Les Druids (Nancy, France)] | [Loi Krathong (Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Lotus Chinese Floating Restaurant (Millwall Dock, London)] | [Luigi Malones (South Kensington, London)] | [Maggie Jones (Kensington, London, UK)] | [Mai Tai (Melbourne, Australia)] | [Mandarin Ogilvie (Ottawa, Canada)]
[Monash Palace (Clayton, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Montebello's (Sparkill, New York State, USA)] | [Moshi Moshi (London)]
[Mountain Village (Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Mr Singh's India Restaurant (Glasgow, Scotland)] | [Navarro's (London)]
[No. 15 Wine Bar (Alderley Edge)] | [Noodle Noodle (near Victoria Stn, London)] | [Onions (Prahran, Melbourne, Australia)]
[The Original Spaghetti House (Bloomsbury, London, UK)] | [Oskar (Bayreuth, Germany)] | [Peking Cheers (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)] | [Peking Supreme (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)]
[Poets Cafe (Montville, Queensland)] | [Phillips (Annapolis, Maryland, USA)] | [Pho Nam Vietnamese Restaurant (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)] | [Piccola Venezia (South Kensington, London)]
[Red Belly Black Cafe (Mt Stromlo, ACT, Australia)] | [The Red Lion (Moore)] | [Ring'O' Bells (Daresbury)] | [Robert Burns Hotel (Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Sakura (Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Sesame Restaurant (Selden, Long Island, New York State, USA)]
[Sidewalk Cafe (Piermont, New York State, USA)] | [Silk Roads Cafe (Ottawa, Canada)]
[Sirens Restaurant and Bistro (Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Sofra (Mayfair, London)] | [Spread Eagle (Greenwich, London)] | [Sticky Fingers - Bill Wyman (Kensington, London)]
[Stick and Bowl (Kensington, London)] | [Stretton Fox (Stretton)] | [Sugo (South Kensington, London)]
[T/A Tai Ka Lok (China Town, Soho, London)] | [Tiamo (Carlton, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Toyama (Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia)] | [The Grove (Hammersmith, London)]
[Trafalgar Tavern (Greenwich, London)]
[Ubiquitous Chip (Glasgow, Scotland)] | [Vatican Pizza (Huntingdale, Melbourne, Australia)] | [Venus Kebab House (London)]
[Wagamama (Kensington High Street, London)] | [Wellington's Bar and Bistro (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)]
[Wong Kei (China Town, Soho, London)] | [YAS Persian Restaurant (London)]
[Young Cheng (London)] | [Yuet Ben Chinese Restaurant (Frodsham)] | [Zipangu Japanese Restaurant (near Leicester Square, London)]

Abeno (Museum Street, London)

(Okonomi-yaki Japanese Restaurant)

Andrea's Restaurant (Charlotte Street, London)


ASK (Kensington High Street, London)


Bamboo Malaya (Elsternwick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

(Malaysian Hawker, Chinese and Thai)

Bamboo Terrace (Bulleen, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)


Bangkok Thai Restaurant (Albany, New York, USA)


Bay Tower (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

(Fine food)

Bella Pasta (South Kensington, London)


Bottom Of The Harbour Gourmet Seafoods (Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

(Fish and Chippery - plus seafood)

Blue Lagoon (Kensington, London)

(Authentic Royal Thai Cuisine)

China Bar - (Box Hill, Melbourne, Australia)


China Imbiss Sing Kong (Ludwigshafen, Rhine Valley, Germany)


China Sea (Glasgow, Scotland)


Choy Hing Village (Grappenhall, Warrington)


Cafe Boheme (Red Hill Lookout, ACT, Australia)


Cafe Noir (Armadale, Melbourne, Australia)


Cat and Lion (Stretton Village)


Coffea (Soho, London)

(Cafe and Bistro)

Daedalus (Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

(Fine food)

Dao Vien (Springvale, Melbourne, Australia)

(Chinese and Vietnamese)

Dog's Bar (St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia)

(Cafe and Bistro)

Dome (Kensington, London)

(Cafe and Bistro)

Don Pino (Stockton Heath)

(Italian Restaurant)

Dragon Boat Restaurant - (Wantirna South, Melbourne, Australia)


Drury Lane Diner - (Drury Lane, London)


Dynasty - (New York City, USA)

(Szichuan Chinese)

East Empress Chinese Restaurant - (Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia)


Feeling Fruity (Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia)

(Ice Cream and Fruit Salad cafe)

Fitzroy Tavern (Bloomsbury, London, UK)

(English Sunday Lunch)

ENZO (Mt Waverley, Melbourne, Australia)

(Italian Style)

Equinox Grill (Natick, Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

(Fine food)

Good Earth - (South Kensington, London)


Gourmet Garden - (Hendon Central, London)

(Malaysian - Singaporean - Chinese)

Geals (Notting Hill Gate, London)

(Fish and Chippery Restaurant)

The Gourmet Pizza (Oxford)

(Pizza Restaurant)

Han Palace - (Vermont South, Melbourne, Australia)


Hatton Arms (Hatton Village)


Also Refer: The Journey: Living Like a King Session: Hatton Arms, Hatton, 22nd Sep 1999

Also Refer: Early Spring 2000 Meadows around Daresbury Lab - and onward towards the Hatton Arms

Poem partially inspired by Hatton Arms Sessions

"When I was first offered this job,
I felt reassured when told I would "live like a king"
Now that I'm here,
    I don't know which region, I don't know what century,
But I'm living that life!"

Henninger Gutsshanke (Rhine Valley, Germany)

(Traditional German)

Hills Chinese Restaurant - (Box Hill, Melbourne, Australia)


Hing Lung (San Franciso, California, USA)


[Hing Lung (San Franciso, California, USA)] |

Hue Hue - (Springvale, Melbourne, Australia)


Il Mondo Spaghetti Bar - (Clayton, Melbourne, Australia)

(Italian Pasta Restaurant)

Jimmy Watson's Wine Bar - (Carlton, Melbourne, Australia)

(Wine Bar and Restaurant)

Jacobs Cafe - (Gloucester Road, London, UK)


Kanda - (Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia)


Kellys Chinese Restaurant (Stockton Heath)

(Cantonese and Peking Cuisine)

Kew Chinese Restaurant (Kew/London)

(Peking and Cantonese Cuisine)

Kwan Thai Restaurant (London Bridge City, London)

(Thai Cuisine)

Korea Garden (Ottawa, Canada))


La Panse (Grenoble, France)


Les Druids (Nancy, France)

(Lorraine, French)

Loi Krathong (Elsternwick, Melbourne, Australia)


Lotus Chinese Floating Restaurant (Millwall Dock, London)


Luigi Malones (South Kensington, London)


Maggie Jones (Kensington, London, UK)


Mandarin Ogilvie (Ottawa, Canada))

(Chinese - Szechuan and Thai Cuisine)

Mai Tai (Melbourne, Australia)

(Hawaian and Thai)

Mountain Village (Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Australia)


Monash Palace (Clayton, Melbourne, Australia)


Montebello's (Sparkill, New York State, USA)

(Italian Cuisine)

Moshi Moshi (London)

(Japanese Sushi Bar)

Mr Singh's India Restaurant (Glasgow, Scotland)

(Good Indian)

Navarro's (London)


No. 15 Wine Bar (Alderley Edge)

(wine bar and bistro/restaurant)

Noodle Noodle (near Victoria Stn, London)

(Chinese Noodle Restaurant)

Onions (Prahran, Melbourne, Australia)

(Fine Cuisine)

The Original Spaghetti House (Bloomsbury, London, UK)


Oskar (Bayreuth, Germany)

(Traditional German?)

Pho Nam Vietnamese Restaurant (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)

(Authentic Vietnamese Noodles Soup)

Peking Cheers Chinese Restaurant (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)


Peking Supreme (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA)


Poets Cafe (Montville, Queensland)

(Cafe - good hot chocolate)

Phillips (Annapolis, Maryland, USA)


Piccola Venezia (South Kensington, London)


Red Belly Black Cafe (Mt Stromlo, A.C.T., Australia)


Red Lion (Moore Village)


Ring 'O' Bells (Daresbury Village)


Robert Burns Hotel (Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia)

(Primarily Seafood)

Sakura (Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia)


Sesame Restaurant (Selden, Long Island, New York State, USA)

(Japanese and Korean)

Sidewalk Cafe (Piermont, New York State, USA)

(Local Fare)

Silk Roads Cafe (Ottawa, Canada))


Sirens Restaurant and Bistro (Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia)


Stick and Bowl - (Kensington, London)

(Chinese quick hot meals, noodle shop and takeaway)

Sofra - (Mayfair, London)


Spread Eagle - (Greenwich, London)

(French Food)

Sticky Fingers - Bill Wyman (Kensington, London)

(Generic Restaurant)

Stretton Fox (Stretton)


Sugo - (South Kensington, London)


T/A Tai Ka Lok - (China Town, Soho, London)


Tiamo - (Carlton, Melbourne, Australia)

(Cafe / Bistro)

Toyama - (Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia)


The Grove - (Hammersmith, London)

(Pub Restaurant)

Trafalgar Tavern - (Greenwich, London)

(Pub Restaurant)

Ubiquitous Chip (Glasgow, Scotland)

(Scotish High Cuisine)

Vatican Pizza (Huntingdale, Melbourne, Australia)

(Pizza and Italian)

Venus Kebab House (London)

(Greek Restaurant)

Wagamama Japanese Noodle Bar (Kensington High Street, London)

(Japanese Noodle)

Wellington's Bar and Bistro (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)


Wong Kei (Won Keys / One Keys / Wonkies Chinese Restaurant) - (China Town, Soho, London, UK)


YAS (London)

(Persian Restaurant)

Young Cheng (London)

(Chinese Restaurant)

Yuet Ben Restaurant (Frodsham)

(Chinese Restaurant)

Zipangu Japanese Restaurant (near Leicester Square, London)

(Japanese Restaurant)

Daresbury Laboratory Web Ring of Life:
[Ordering Pizzas while at Daresbury Lab]
[Junk Food Machines of Darebsury Laboratory]
[Pubs and Restaurants around Daresbury Laboratory]
[Taxi, Bus, Train, etc - services-information slightly relevant to Daresbury Laboratory]

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