An Update on Lachlan's Passing
[established and maintained by Bluehaze at the request of his family]

26th July 2010

A Celebration of Lachlan's Life will be held on August 11th.

The Celebration will be held at 2:30pm August 11th 2010 at Grace Park Community Hall, 135 Henry Street (Cnr Duncan Av), Greensborough (Melway Ref 20 J4).
The Celebration is open to the public, and anyone who knew Lachlan or his work is welcome to attend.

14th July 2010

A new mineral species named "cranswickite".

The International Mineralogical Association has recognized a new mineral species and approved that it be named "cranswickite".
Cranswickite is a new mineral of composition MgSO4.4(H2O) from Calingasta, Argentina (IMA2010-016).
For more information see

20th June 2010

The body found in shallow water in Welsh Bay, in the Ottawa River near Deep River has now been confirmed as Lachlan Cranswick.

His ashes are to be returned to Australia and buried with his parents in Gembrook. May he rest in peace.
Lachlan's web site has now been frozen, except for this update page, which will be further updated.

15th June 2010

A body has been found in shallow water in Welsh Bay, in the Ottawa River near Deep River

~18th January 2010

Lachlan goes missing in puzzling circumstances.

Lachlan was last seen at work at the Atomic Energy of Canada's Neutron Beam Centre in Chalk River laboratories on January 18 2010. It is believed he returned home to Deep River that night by bus, sent an email, put his rubbish bins out then vanished leaving wallet, GPS, phone etc inside his unlocked home.

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