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Web and literature references on the Toxicology and effects of Hemlock on humans and animals

(For those curious about effects of Hemlock vs the reported accounts of deaths of Socrates and Seneca; and pondering whether the reported toxicology is consistent.)

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Death of Socrates

Extract from "Egypt, Greece and Rome Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean", Charles Freeman, 1999, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-872194-3 (pg 230)

"There is no evidence that Socrates' accusers were out to put him to death. The normal penalty would have been exile. However, Socrates was in no mood to compromise and he even argued before the jury that the city should be supporting him at public expense for his contributions to its affairs. In the version recorded by Plato he put his case clearly and consistently but seems only to have aroused greater anger among the listeners. They eventually voted for the death penalty. (There is another tradition that Socrates said little at his trial.) According to Plato, Socrates met his end calmly, sharing his thoughts while the hemlock steadily spread through his body. Plato's accounts of his last days have left one of the most enduring images of Western cultural and political history."

Hemlock toxicological information, web references and literature references

  • Conium maculatum (poison hemlock - coniine as main toxin) and Cicuta maculata (water hemlock - cicutoxin as main toxin)

  • "It was the juice of poison hemlock with which the ancient Greeks killed Socrates."

  • "The toxic effects of cicutoxin are more morbidly impressive and violent than those from coniine."

  • THE MANAGEMENT OF PLANT EXPOSURES: The Most Common, The Most Dangerous, Treatment Guidelines by Edward P. Krenzelok, PharmD, FAACT, ABAT and Terry D. Jacobsen, PhD, FLS :

    Lethal Hemlocks (water hemlock, poison hemlock)

    Conium maculatum (poison hemlock) and Cicuta maculata (water hemlock) were responsible for 7 of the 19 plant-related fatalities that occurred from 1985-1994.2 This is a relatively high fatality rate since the total number of reported exposures was only 582.2 Most of the fatalities are the result of improper identification of these plants. The roots are mistaken as being wild carrots or parsnips and when consumed in sufficient quantity, grave toxicity develops.

    Conium maculatum contains coniine which is a peripheral neurotoxin that produces curare-like effects on neuromuscular junctions and nicotinic effects on autonomic ganglia.31,32,33 The toxidrome consists of ascending skeletal muscle hypotonia or flaccidity that can progress to paralysis of the respiratory musculature. Initial effects may include sialorrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea followed by gastrointestinal hypotonia and dry mouth.32

    The toxicity from Cicuta maculata ingestion is attributed to cicutoxin. The toxic effects of cicutoxin are more morbidly impressive and violent than those from coniine.33-37 Early muscarinic effects are localized to the gastrointestinal tract.35,37 Systemic muscarinic effects bronchial secretions) leading to respiratory distress may occur. However, pathognomonic of severe cicutoxin poisoning are violent multiple major motor seizures.33-37 The symptoms often begin within 30 minutes after ingestion.37

    Gastrointestinal decontamination with activated charcoal may be beneficial in patients with recent ingestions. Otherwise, the cornerstone of therapy is aggressive supportive care.

    • Krenzelok EP, Jacobsen TD, and Aronis JM, "Hemlock Ingestions: The Most Deadly Plant Exposures,"J Toxicol Clin Toxicol, 1996, 34:601-2.

    • Scatizzi A, Di Maggio A, Rizzi D, et al, "Acute Renal Failure Due to Tubular Necrosis Caused by Wildfowl-Mediated Hemlock Poisoning,"Renal Failure, 1993, 15:93-6.

    • Rizzi D, Basile C, Di Maggio A, et al, "Clinical Spectrum of Accidental Hemlock Poisoning: Neurotoxic Manifestations, Rhabdomyolsis, and Acute Tubular Necrosis,"Nephrol Dial Transplant, 1991, 6:939-44.

    • Landers D, Seppi K, and Blauer W, "Seizures and Death on a White River Float Trip,"West J Med, 1985, 142:637-40.

    • Mutter L, "Poisoning by Western Water Hemlock,"Can J Public Health, 1976, 67:386.

    • Starreveld E and Hope CE, "Cicutoxin Poisoning (Water Hemlock),"Neurology, 1975, 25:730-4.

    • Mitchell MI and Rutledge PA, "Hemlock Water Dropwort Poisoning - A Review,"J Toxicol Clin Toxicol, 1978, 12:417-26.

    • Applefeld JJ and Caplan ES, "A Case of Water Hemlock Poisoning,"J Am Coll Emerg Phys, 1979, 8:401-3.

  • Physician's desk reference to pesticide health hazards :

    "Toxicology comes from the polysynthetic union of two Greek words, toxicon and ologos. Toxicon comes from the Greek verb meaning "bow or to bend" or sometimes meaning "bow and arrows," and ologos means "to study." The ancient Greeks drew the descriptive term toxicon from their observations of human poisoning. Socrates poisoning by hemlock produced the symptoms actively described by the Greek term. Hemlock contains the potent toxin, coniine, that produces the bending described by the Greek term toxicon without convulsions so characteristic of cicutoxin in the water hemlocks. "

  • Plant Poisoning, Hemlock from Emergency Medicine/Toxicology:

    Pathophysiology: Poison hemlock contains several alkaloid toxins that are structurally similar to nicotine. Initially, nicotinic activation from poison hemlock may lead to early CNS stimulation, headache, and ataxia. Nicotinelike effects at autonomic ganglia may cause tachycardia, salivation, mydriasis, and diaphoresis. In severe cases, the stimulation phase is later followed by a severe depressant phase characterized by bradycardia, ascending motor paralysis, CNS depression, and respiratory paralysis from nondepolarizing blockade at neuromuscular junctions.

    Water hemlock contains cicutoxin, a potent toxin. A single bite of the root, which contains the highest concentration of cicutoxin, has been purported to kill an adult. Ingestion of water hemlock produces GI symptoms (eg, salivation, nausea, emesis) within 15 minutes, rapidly followed by CNS effects (eg, excitation, convulsions, seizures, coma). The mechanism is unclear, but hypothetically, cicutoxin induces overstimulation of central cholinergic pathways (basal ganglia and brainstem).

"Poison Hemlock":

Extracts of Hemlock relevant publications from: "U.S. Food & Drug Administration: Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition : Office of Plant and Dairy Foods and Beverages: Poisonous Plant Database"

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